Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am officially a blogger. Here is our new page.
Kyle and I have now been married for 2 years! We are currently students at BYU-Idaho, both of us are studying Recreation Management. I will be done in April of 2009, and Ky well we are just going to be patient with him, haha. Nothing too new is happening in our neck of the woods. We will be moving to Utah for five months, July to December to complete my internship. For now we are just working and going to school keeping busy and occasionally rock climbing. (More Pictures to Come)


Alisha & Braeden said...

Oh you have a blog yay! We have one too. Just click on our name!

Sarah said...

Hey you guys. I found you through Chad & Amy of course. I assume you have moved to Utah now? Where are you at? Hope all is well. Check us out:

mrs_micah said...

I don't think an official blogger only does two posts. LOL